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Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G | Latest Release

Now people in the USA can enjoy the best features provided by Samsung with the latest model released. Yes, Now you can buy the latest version : Samsung Galaxy fold 5G since last Friday. One model is from the AT & T network, which is an unlocked variant. It has been launched just after nine days after the affordable phone that was arrived in Germany and the UK. It was launched after three weeks in South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

The AT & T version is very specific and available easily in all online stores and at the Samsung stores. The price of the AT & T cost for around $1980. You may find its unlocked version from Samsung Experience Stores and Online Buying stores.

You can buy it from many online buying stores as it is available in almost best-buying stores. It is also available online at and These are the best online buying stores, and you can buy this version from these stores online.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Spec

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Spec
Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Spec
Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G Spec

Features of Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

Samsung Galaxy Fold Features

Samsung – Galaxy Fold SM-F900U
Cosmos Black
Unlocked AT&T Model GSM

$ 2949.00 – With US Warranty

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When we look for the colors of this version, we see that Samsung initially unveiled four colors like Martian Green, Astro blue, space silver, and cosmos black. But now it is available only in two colors of space silver and cosmos black.


This stunning 7.3-inch display is the most significant feature of Galaxy fold, and it is made up of revolutionary polymer material that is layered for slim flexibility. It is considered as one of the largest Galaxy Smartphones screen. The display of the Galaxy fold is 4.6 inches in folded and 7.3-inch display in the unfolded version. You will access the apps from the front display and flip boards easily.


You can also observe a crease at the center of the screen that is the natural features of the screen.

Smooth Folds

You can also see the articulated spine that is best for smooth folds.


You can find a breakthrough six-camera array system in Galaxy fold for epic photos. You can get these photos from any angle. Six pro graded cameras will help the pictures and videos.


It has 12 GB RAM which enables it to perform multitasks like gaming and streaming and live broadcasting all at once. You can use the three apps simultaneously through Folded Samsung Galaxy as it is a way of seamless integration of software and hardware. It has 512 GB built-in storage for apps and media.

Dual Battery

It has a dual battery with 4380mAh that can prevent overcharging. There is a battery management system that can save your battery power.

Protective Top Layers of Screen

Samsung has extended the protective top layers of the screen beyond the bezel that makes it more apparent as it is an essential part of the display structure of Samsung fold. One of the best features is to keep the debris under the screen. It is present behind the infinity flex display that makes the screen stiffest and reduces the air gap between the hinge and body of food. There are new protective caps that can strengthen the top and bottom of the hinge area of the folds.

latest samsung version
Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

Samsung Customer Support

Customer Support Customer Support Samsung is focusing on customer service by helping the fold buyers. One of the best services is Galaxy Fold Premier Service. It is the best service for folding purchasers to contact them with support at any time for better guidance from Samsung experts. So customers can get any information online in case of any issue.

If you need to move content from the existing smartphone, then you can also get help from support. There will be a service specialist for you to guide and help most conveniently at any time.

Launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

Samsung committed the launch of Galaxy folds in the market in September. So Samsung showed this fold at IFA in Berlin to prevent any problem. Many reviewers feel it’s more “complete” somehow. Galaxy Fold owners should read the care instructions about the phone which is available inside the box.

Otherwise, you can view the product manual online, which is available officially. If you use the product according to the guidelines, you can claim the warranty easily, if something happens.

Have a Great time with Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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