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Owning A Pitbull For The First Time | Pitbull Tips

Owning a Pitbull For The First Time - pitbull is looking at far - pitbull tips - pit bull tips
Image by JoanaCM from Pixabay

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Owning a Pitbull for the first time is a real challenge. It’s not easy. You have to spend more time on caring your new dog. You need to give more attention. You have to be on alert. Pitbulls are the most famous dogs in United States, even though they receive some negative feedback recently. That’s because of their aggressive nature. These lovely dogs know to love and understand love. So, You can make your dog a fine companion, if you can give great affection towards him/her. Let’s see what we have here along with great Pitbull Tips which are very valuable to you.

On Your Way On Owning A Pitbull For The First Time….

Owning a Pitbull For The First Time - pitbull tips - pit bull tips
Pit Bull

You can purchase Pit Bulls from dog breeders as well as from animal shelters. But it is infinitely better to adopt a rescued dog. Dogs in animal shelters are taken from the streets. They have been abandoned either by their heartless owners, or from busy people who are too occupied and cannot take care of their dogs. In some occasions, owner has died or owner is too old to look after them.

So on your way on owning a Pitbull for the first time, hope you do a social service by adopting a new Pit Bull from a dog shelter and give love for those poor creatures.

Pit Bulls at Animal Shelters

There are several groups that rescue dogs for adoption. They operate mostly online. Some of the famous ones are Bay Area Dog-lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls (BADRAP), Pit Bull Rescue Central, Pet Bull Project, etc.

These websites advertise their existing Pit Bulls online ,with their available information of their past histories and their traits. When people are adopting Pit Bulls from similar shelters like above, they have to pay very less amount than at a breeder’s place.

Owning a Pitbull For The First Time - pitbull tips - pit bull tips
Owning A Pitbull For The First Time

It’s better to adopt an adult Pit Bull than a puppy. Puppies are very cute to look at. But they are very temperamental. Sometimes they may not quickly respond to training. It will be very difficult when their teething period sets in, and it may be dangerous if you have children at home.

You can also adopt Pit Bulls from their owners who wish to sell them directly without any intervention of animal shelters. This can be somewhat risky, as owners can hide some bad experiences of their pet and exaggerate some other things. After doing some research you can go for them.

Adopting a Pit Bull is a service to the society and to the animal shelters community. It’s almost saving a life.

Pitbull Tips

Here we are discussing some points that a Pit bull owner should get to know about.

1. Socializing Your Pit Bull

This is very important, especially if your pet is a puppy. If your Pit Bull is young, visits to dog parks and around other dogs are recommended. Sometimes the situations at dog parks cannot be controlled and sometimes this would bring out bad behavior in your dog. No matter how much your dog is socialized, visiting dog parks can be a problem when he/she gets older. Though the Pit Bull may not be starting the fight, if provoked, definitely they will be the ones who are finishing it. As your dog gets older and stronger, it’s better to keep your Pit bull in a more controlled environment.

2. Protecting from Racism

It’s better to be advised as a Pit Bull owner, the general public may have some strong feelings of dislike & hatred towards this particular dog. If some incident occurs involving your dog, whether who is right or wrong, in most cases your dog will get the blame. Because of this, You have to train him well to keep his temper, and you have to avoid such involvements as much as you can.

Owning a Pitbull For The First Time - pitbull tips - pit bull tips
Pitbull tips

3. Keeping Close To You In Public

We all like to off-leash & give full freedom to our dog. By doing that in public there is a high chance of getting in to trouble. Even if you have the best behaved dog in the world, always assume that the “other guy” does not. So, You have to be a responsible dog owner by keeping your pitbull always close by.

4. Living Together With Other Pets

There could have had positive experiences but for the most cases it is not recommended to adopt an adult Pit Bull, if you have small dogs, cats or other small animals in your house. Puppies are “OK” for these situations.

5. Comparing Love

This may be the most common mistake a new Pit Bull owner makes. This dog is wonderful with people & exceptional with little children. But don’t think that he will be the same for other dogs around.

6. Relationship With Kids

Always keep on supervising. It will be a great combination if you can keep on eye towards them. Pit Bulls are very strong dogs. may be Just one “head butt” will be enough to give a big damage to the kid’s face.

The other thing is never ever allow a child to walk a dog. When comparing the strength of a Pit Bull , children can’t hold them if they start running after some other dog or a cat.

So, those were some Pitbull tips which will be really helpful if you are new for adopting.

Owning a Pitbull For The First Time - pitbull tips - pit bull tips
Image by Yvonne Lüneburger from Pixabay 

This breed of dog, also simply called as APBT ( American Pit Bull Terrier ) , is famous for its loyalty and intelligence. This dog breed is a formal breed considered to be a Pitbull category and recognized by American Dog Breeders Association and United Kennel Club. These ( APBT ) Pitbull dogs make excellent companions as these dogs are very aggressive because of their protective nature.

Are APBT s Different From Staffies?

As you are owning a pitbull for the first time,We hope you will love to read this information and get a full background knowledge about Pitbulls. For United Kennel Club or UKC , APBT (Pitbulls) and Staffies are of the same breed. But there are many debates on this suggestion. Let’s take a scenario, if the AKC (American Kennel Club) has an American Staffordshire Terrier, he/she will be registered as an American PitBull Terrier APBT by UKC. Further, many breeders have noted that their pedigrees have been separated for a long time already for these animals to be still considered as having the same variety.

Simultaneously, AKC ( American Kennel Club ) does not register an American Pitbull listed by UKC as an American Staffie. In order to obtain dual-registry, the dog must be recorded initially as an American Kennel Club American Staffie before it gets listed with United Kennel Club as an American Pitbull, and not vice versa.

We have listed down some of the basic facts almost every Pitbull lover would really love to know before Owning a Pitbull for the First Time.

10 Things to know about Pitbulls

  • Category: Terrier
  • Living Environment: Outdoor or Indoor (Both)
  • Height: 18 inches – 22 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds – 60 pounds
  • Coat: smooth, thick, shiny, and short
  • Colors: Color varies
  • Temperament: full of energy, courageous and loyal; they should be socialized early especially with children and with other animals too
  • Health Issues: mange and heart murmurs
  • Care and Exercise:
    • Bathe frequently when necessary
    • Brush their coat occasionally using a brush with firm bristles when needed
    • To remove hair that are loose, You should rub down their coat with a chamois or a towel
    • They require a regular exercise routine which includes a running along with a bicycle while on-leash or/and need a daily play time
  • Origin:
    • Ancestors of (APBT) American Pit Bull Terrier came to the US with some Irish-Boston immigrants in mid-1800s. Same as the Staffie, they were originally bred from Terriers and Bulldogs. Since APBT is a forerunner to the Staffie, it was also molded to be a fighting dog. However, the Americans made their variety some pounds heavier and trained them to have a more powerful head.

Dog baiting was prohibited in England, so Bull Terriers were no longer bred for bouts. It is in America where the Pitbull also gained its popularity for many uses and reasons like:

  1. It was used to embody the country in one WW1 artwork.
  2. Well-known companies like the RCA and even Buster Brown Shoe Company used this breed as mascots.
  3. Petey, a pitbull, was one of the stars in, “Our Gang”, a well sought children’s TV series.
  4. A mix breed called Stubby was transformed into a popular and decorated WW1 hero.
  5. Pits became good companies of pioneer families on their journeys.
  6. Jack, a working pit bulldog was owned by Laura Wilder of lines of books called “Little House”.
  7. Popular people like Helen Keller and US President Theodore Roosevelt owned the variety.

Questions Asked By People

Are Pitbulls good for first time owners ?

There is a lot of debate on this topic. Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive, even towards the other dogs. The choice is always up to you. But If you are owning a pitbull for the first time as your first dog you have to dedicate alot.
If you are not ready to sacrifice your time to this dog, please don’t buy. But If you are a capable of following the Pitbull tips that we gave earlier while allocating a lot of time on him, it won’t be a big challenge.

Is it safe to own a Pitbull?

No it’s not safe, if you are careless. Always keep focus on the Pitbull tips. If you can take a risk and follow the pitbull advices you got, you can definitely manage and you can have a fine companion at last.
Pitbulls do live peacefully with other animals. But the above statement can be wrong if your pitbull has trained for fighting. Anyway, it is a must that you have to be on alert always.

Do Pit bulls need a lot of attention?

Many Pit Bulls are happier around the dogs that they know. Pitbulls are very active dogs and they need a lot of exercise, but not recommended to off-leash in dog parks.The answer will be “YES”. Pit bulls need a lot of attention.

Are male or female pitbulls more aggressive?

Males are more aggressive than females. Particularly un-neutered Male Pitbulls are more aggressive to other dogs than female pitbulls. 

Do pit bulls overheat easily?

APBT’s hair is short. That means there is a possibility of being a victim of overheating or hypothermia. So if you are keeping your pitbull outside the home, make sure that your dog has everything to stay cool and warm. Keep a blanket and always keep water to drink.

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