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No Deposit Bonus – Binary Options & Forex – Trading Bonus

1. $50 No Deposit Bonus – Pocket Option

  1. Signup to the website From :
  2. Put the Promo Code :NODPSTBONUS ” (Watch the above video) –
    (PocketOption has stopped this promotion for some countries. Not sure about it, whether they have stopped it for all countries)

2. $100 No Deposit Bonus –

Bonus Conditions

  1. The Bonus is available on MetaTrader5 platform;
  2. In MetaTrader your account is displayed like Demo until you fulfill the Trade 100 Bonus conditions;
  3. The order volume is 0.01 lot;
  4. The available leverage on the account is 1:100;
  5. The profit available for withdrawal is $100. Notice that you can withdraw the profit only once;
  6. The maximum number of positions opened at the same time is 5;
  7. The conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to withdraw the profit:
    1. The required number of active trading days is 30 (active trading day is a day when the order was opened or closed);
    2. Positive pips difference (the total number of pips from profitable orders has to be bigger than the total number of pips from losing orders);
    3. Client should have at least 5 lots traded in the period of 30 active trading days. Keep in mind that when you trade Stocks (available only in MetaTrader5), 1 lot= 0.1 standard lot. Consider it when you fulfill the bonus conditions.
    4. The conditions of the bonus should be fulfilled in 50 days in order to withdraw the profit;
  8. Once you fulfill all the conditions and earn your profit, you will have an opportunity to manually transfer the money to your trading account.
    Fifty days after the moment of bonus activation, the bonus will expire, all the deals and the bonus account will be closed. If you have met all the conditions, your $100 profit will be automatically transferred to your trading account;
  9. Only orders with 10 points (100 pips) difference between opening and closing prices meet the conditions.
    When you buy EURUSD at the price of 1.13234 and close the deal at 1.13480, the difference between the opening and the closing prices is 0.00246 = 246 pips;
    When you buy EURJPY at the price of 110,657 and close the deal at 110.757, the difference between the opening and the closing prices is 10 points (100 pips);
  10. Only trading of Forex major currencies pairs is allowed;
  11. The following options are prohibited: locking/hedging, expert advisors (EA), ladder strategy (it is not allowed to open a new deal in the same direction within an hour after the closure of the previous deal);
  12. Each client/computer/IP can open only one “Trade 100 Bonus” account. It is prohibited to work through proxies or using any IP-address modifying software. Opening the second Trade 100 Bonus account is impossible even after bonus funds are charged off;
  13. You cannot trade via a web terminal when using Trade 100 promotion.
  14. The company is not liable for technical disruptions and/or breaks in the internet connection on the side of the client and third-party services, that can directly or indirectly have an effect on the client’s participation in the promotion;
  15. The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion;
  16. The Сompany reserves the right to ask a client to log in to the trading account from an alternative device in case the additional verification is needed;
  17. The Company reserves the right to demand a Personal Area verification from a client. In case a client refuses to verify their Personal Area, the Company reserves the right to decline the withdrawal request;
  18. FBS reserves the right to refuse a client in bonus granting with no reasons given or without prior notification;
  19. Upon suspecting fraudulent activity on the Bonus account, the company reserves the right to deduct the entire bonus amount and profit made with the Bonus account without notice. In this case, the decision is beyond contestation.

3. No Deposit Bonus $30 | XM | Forex Trading | Most Recommended Broker

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