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NASA scientists found parallel universe ‘next to ours’ where time runs backwards

An analysis in the solidified squanders of Antarctica has uncovered proof of a universe conceived in a similar Big Bang as our own – however with decides of material science that are totally the inverse.


NASA researchers have identified proof of an equal universe, directly close to our own, where all the principles of material science appear to be working backward.

Fanatics of science fiction and comic books have thoroughly understood equal universes since the mid Sixties.

Yet, while physicists have been bantering since 1952 whether we in reality live in a ‘multiverse’ – when quantum science pioneer Erwin SchrΓΆdinger gave a talk that he himself conceded may “appear to be crazy person” – there’s been little proof so far of measurements past our own.

In any case, presently an astronomical beam identification test has discovered particles that just could be from outside our universe.

NASA scientists detect parallel universe 'next to ours' where time runs backwards
πŸ“Έ The balloon- mounted ANITA experiment surveys more than a million square kilometres of Antarctic ice for signals from cosmic rays (Image: NASA)

NASA ‘s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) utilizes a monster inflatable to pull fragile electronic reception apparatuses high into the virus dry air above Antarctica – where there is almost no radio commotion to contort its discoveries.

There is a steady “wind’ of high vitality particles originating from space – some of which are a million times more impressive than anything we can create ourselves.

Low vitality particles – neutrinos – can go totally through the Earth, scarcely associating with the substance of our planet by any stretch of the imagination. Be that as it may, higher vitality objects are halted by the reassuringly strong matter of the Earth.

That implies that high vitality particles must be identified coming “down” from space. To identify a heavier molecule – a tau neutrino – coming “up” out of the Earth would suggest that these particles are really voyaging in reverse in time.

What’s more, that is actually what the ANITA researchers have seen.

NASA scientists detect parallel universe 'next to ours' where time runs backwards
πŸ“Έ The researchers were stunned by their discovery (Image: NASA)

Dwindle Gorham, a trial molecule physicist at the University of Hawaii and head examiner at ANITA, is lead creator on a Cornell University paper portraying the odd wonder.

Bringing up the sheer inconceivability of the tau neutrino’s conduct, Gorham recommends that the main way it could happen is if the molecule changed into an alternate kind of molecule before going through the Earth and afterward back once more.

It’s a billion-to-one shot that may very well happen once.


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