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Importance Of Political Science | Doing Politics

Politics means the activities regarding the governance of a country or area, especially the debates between parties for power. Let’s see how the importance of political science affects the practical world politics.

Relationship of Political Science with Doing Politics

importance of political science

The relationship between politics and political science can be analyzed in two ways.

  1. Doing Politics.
  2. Studying Politics.

1. Doing Politics

The word ‘Politics’ has a more practical meaning. This means,

  • Taking action to get government power.
  • Implementation of governmental power.
  • Participating in elections.
  • Participation in political party activities.

Citizens engage in the above activities.This does not require academic knowledge or subject matter expertise. Both educated and uneducated professionals engage in politics. As the world moves on we can experience all that is needed in practical politics is the dedication and determination.

2. Studying Politics

Studying politics is a very different task than doing politics. A student in political science cannot be defined as a practitioner of politics. Various aspects of politics are studied academically.Therefore, politics and studying politics are two different uses.The function of political science is to study the politics academically. Thus,

  • Performance of political parties and organizations.
  • The election campaign.
  • Voting behavior.
  • Government policies.
  • Conflicts and Riots on Politics.
  • Policy making and implementation processes.
  • War and Peace.
  • International Relations and Conflicts.

This subject broadens a broad spectrum of such issues.

Importance of Political Science For a Better World

Leaders are chosen by the people. So people should be very knowledgeable to choose the correct person to the power.This cleverness needs more knowledge in this area.

In most countries, leaders are being chose for their fame which were obtained by either film industry, sports field or some activities in social events. We can see that mostly in the 3rd world Countries. People should vote for the policies and not by looking the face of the candidate. To do that, they need the correct knowledge on this subject. That’s where the importance of Political Science arises.

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