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Will Black Panther 2 Producers Make a Chadwick Boseman Digital Double ?

We finally have some sort of direction that marvel studios is planning to go along with black panther 2, as well as about the starting of filming.

And apparently the actor that is going to be playing the villain’s role of the movie
has been revealed.

And there is another source reports that , it seems like two new black panthers are coming in black panther 2.

Don’t worry, i’ll elaborate everything that you need to know.

All of us know that Chadwick Boseman passed away
and a lot of us were expecting black panther 2 to be delayed a very long time.

but it seems that marvel studios does have their plans in order
and at least have an idea of how they’re going to move forward with the sequel.

now black panther 2 is scheduled to be released in May 6th of 2022.

This may not be the actual release date when it comes out but
Marvel Studios could be sticking to this date.

Whole of the internet kind of went crazy when the hollywood reporter reported regrading the starting of filming of Black Panther 2, in an article.

And it is reported that marvel is now readying black panther 2 for a shoot that will
start in atlanta in july and the shooting will last for six months.

So it will last until january which is giving them four months of post-production and editing before the release date which is planned as May 6th in 2022.

Eventhough the dates are that, it seems very close as a production schedule goes. But it can be done.

However we can expect them pushing back the release date, a little at this point.

The report goes on to say Mexican actor Tanak Huerta who was one of the
stars on Netflix’s “Narcos Mexico” is in talks to play one of the villain’s role.
At the point we can’t guess what kind of a villain he could be. Some are arguing that he will play the role of “Namor”, the submariner.

We don’t really have enough information to tell about that yet but, Letitia Wright
Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke and Angela Bassett are very much expected to return for the new movie.

With reports stating that shuri which is Letitia wright’s character, is going to take on a more prominent role.

So everybody is expecting “Shuri” to become the new
black panther now. And anyway this does happen in the comics also.

And there is a really good way to set this up in the movie. And in the comics, Shuri and T’challa both challenged their uncle for the title of black panther.

T’challa won, but he promised to train his sister in combat.

so if a day comes when she needs to lead Wakanda she could take his place.

And it seems like that day is going to come during black panther 2.

however there is another report stating It is going to be two black panthers in the movie.

We saw a recent tweet from Grace randolph and she has said
producers are making a Chadwick Boseman digital double… that’s looking very life like & The current plan is that T’Challa will die in battle at the beginning of the film & Shuri becomes the new BlackPanther.

What so ever, black panther 2 is going to start filming in July which is a lot sooner
than we thought that it would start.

So at this point as a summary we have a possibility for an actor to
play the villain and there is a possibility that we could be getting two
black panthers.

so let us know what you think after hearing all these news in the
comment section down below.

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